a queerful kindom beyond marriage equality

a queerful kindom beyond marriage equality

A queerful kindom beyond marriage equality…our resurrection will and must continue

It is with excitement that I look to the marriage equality hearings of Prop 8 and repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  These are historic hearings that are being met with much hope, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness.  For me, part of the excitement of these hearings is not necessarily the hearings themselves but the rallies across the country of folks from different backgrounds gathered in solidarity for justice, equality, and the celebration of all relationships.   What also stirs my soul is the excitements for all the work that will and must continue once the hearings come to a close.  I believe Dr King’s words take on special significance today—the arc of history is long and it bends towards justice…we just ain’t finished ‘til everyone can proclaim free at last!

Our dream of queer kindom where all people are celebrated for who they are is far from being fully realized but we are getting there, paso a paso.  Even if these hearings lead to changes in the law, there is much work to be done in rippling whats on paper into people’s hearts.   Marriage Equality is not the end but just a spot to freshen up as we continue to journey and continue la lucha for equality within church and society. 

The War of Independence, the passing of the Women’s Rights Amendments, the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the arrests at Stonewall, the life of Harvey Milk, the airing of shows like Modern Family, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell … these moments did not signal the end but marked victories and the re-energizing of our “oomph” to continue living into solidarity with the marginalized, to continue to create a queerful kindom, and to continue challenge unjust systems….essentially, to continue be and embody “to be continued.”

These hearings are taking place during Holy Week, a time of commemorating and celebrating endings and beginnings.  The pain of the Passion that culminated on Good Friday was not the final word…the hope of the empty tomb on Easter Sunday gave birth to community…the transformative moments of the passion and resurrection sparked a new beginning; a beginning of a tribe of followers who would do their best, bloopers and all, to live both the passion and resurrection every day—to live their teacher’s, friend’s, rabbi’s, lover’s, mentor’s radical redemptive message of love and just hospitality.  The apostles and disciples were a resurrection people, a resurrection that we continue to live into today with the witness and proclamation that we are all equally blessed.

It is with this Spirit that we must embrace the historic hearings of Prop 8 and DOMA, not as end goals but as a spark to kindle and rekindle flames to light the ongoing way towards a just and queerful kindom.  Regardless of outcome, we still have to continue the struggle for women’s equality in church and society…creating sanctuary for immigrants through comprehensive and inclusive immigration reform…ensure that our earth is protected from misappropriation and careless destruction…guarantee access to quality healthcare and education for all people especially for those on the margins of the economy…undo systems that oppress and re-victimize survivors of sexualized violence…recreate narratives in support of all who live beyond or between binary understandings of gender through inclusive non-discrimination policies and anti-violence initiatives…continue to make sure that laws which liberate on paper truly liberate in life. 

This moment is a time to recuperate energies, to take a breather, to wash the grime from our faces, to touch up our makeup, iron out any wrinkles in our clothing, relook and tweak strategies, mend and repaint our signs—with renewed hope and chutzpah we continue in la lucha as a resurrection people towards justice and freedom where all truly means all…where queeries and redefinitions are welcome…whre people are embraced for who they are and where complex quirky personhood is cherished…where systems of oppression are replaced with restorative and wholizing structures that hold people in both their brokenness and in their ability to thrive…where content and integrity of character outweigh color of skin and what is between one’s legs and inflection of one’s accent. 

We will have moments to breathe and to recoup, but we must continue the challenging yet celebratory, the painful yet powerful, the trying yet triumphant resurrecting lucha of living into a queerful kindom where are all invited and no one forced to live, love, and laugh beyond the norm.  Amen…que asi sea!!!


About delfinwaldemar

i am a native of miami, fl and i am of cuban and salvadoran heritage. i am a social worker and queer theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and justice—specifically around lgbtq issues. i have a master in divinity as well as a master of social work. as an activist scholar of faith, i am interested in creating spaces where individuals and communities are safe and challenged to explore identity, expression, gender, and orientation in their complexities. i enjoy cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, eating more, “queerying” theology, and spending time with family and friends--especially my dearly beloved (while also driving him crazy). my approach to life is rooted in la lucha (the struggle)—lifting up our stories and experiences to inspire creative and authentic conversations and actions that thrive outside boxes transgressing dominant narratives. i hope this space will provide folks who feel isolated or disconnected from communities, especially religious one, an opportunity to wrestle and reconnect and re-member and simply be with the sacred. being raised roman catholic, i have felt marginalized and alone because of who i am within my church community--my queerness bars me from being able to pursue ordination and so this blog will be a space for me to share my journey of faith through homilies, pictures, liturgies, rants, queeries...my prayer is that this space become a pulpit and sanctuary, a new way of living into our call to radical holiness juntos...a place where you, me, G-d will caminar juntos y juntas en la lucha. Amen.

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