from rev. david anderson … love wins, every time


This post is by Rev. David Anderson from his blog Finding Your Soul, Real Life Real Faith.”    At a time where many of us are asking why and trying to make sense during tragic confusion, Rev. Anderson’s simple message is a reminder to embrace the psalmist’s message of “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.”  Though there are many cliches, platitudes, and scripted warm fuzzies that I can share, I know they sound nice but can often feel empty.  All I can share is “I am sorry” for whatever hardship we each are facing and find healing chutzpah knowing that GOD is with us,  or as Rev. Anderson writes “Fear is no match for love. Alleluia.”

Love Wins–Every Time (from

This week was a rattler.

The bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon sent a ripple through our nerves, through our families and communities.

I heard from people whose children were there, a block or two from the finish line, heard the explosions, ran for dear life. Walked miles and miles to get home.

One parishioner wrote that her sister-in-law took a huge hunk of shrapnel to her leg and is already on surgery number two.  Another wrote that her niece, a ballerina in college, had her legs cut out from under her at the finish line. Four surgeries and the doctors are worried about amputation.

Everyone’s asking Why?  We’re all back to that same place, wondering how humans are capable of such barbarity, wondering what kind of world we live in, what kind of God we’ve got.

I wonder all those same things. I have no answer. Here is all I know:

Hatred never wins. Alleluia.

Violence never triumphs at the last. Alleluia.

Forgiveness always, always dissolves bitterness. Alleluia.

Mercy trumps revenge every single time. Alleluia.

The weakest blessing overturns the strongest, loudest curse. Alleluia.

And here is the last, best thing I know:

Fear is no match for love. Alleluia.

Don’t live one moment outside the kingdom of love. Life, as we know by now, is way too short for anything less.

About delfinwaldemar

i am a native of miami, fl and i am of cuban and salvadoran heritage. i am a social worker and queer theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and justice—specifically around lgbtq issues. i have a master in divinity as well as a master of social work. as an activist scholar of faith, i am interested in creating spaces where individuals and communities are safe and challenged to explore identity, expression, gender, and orientation in their complexities. i enjoy cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, eating more, “queerying” theology, and spending time with family and friends--especially my dearly beloved (while also driving him crazy). my approach to life is rooted in la lucha (the struggle)—lifting up our stories and experiences to inspire creative and authentic conversations and actions that thrive outside boxes transgressing dominant narratives. i hope this space will provide folks who feel isolated or disconnected from communities, especially religious one, an opportunity to wrestle and reconnect and re-member and simply be with the sacred. being raised roman catholic, i have felt marginalized and alone because of who i am within my church community--my queerness bars me from being able to pursue ordination and so this blog will be a space for me to share my journey of faith through homilies, pictures, liturgies, rants, prayer is that this space become a pulpit and sanctuary, a new way of living into our call to radical holiness juntos...a place where you, me, G-d will caminar juntos y juntas en la lucha. Amen.

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