the hxstory of accomplicehood that is pride

person with body painting
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Hello to all!  Its been a while, a long while, since I posted.  These last few years have been a roller coaster of many different things.  I’ve missed posting and have come to realize that this outlet was a space for self-care amidst many confusions, challenges, and celebrations.

As I discern my next adventure and in the spirit of self-care, I am re-claiming this space.  I have several posts planned and look forward to exploring new queeries moving forward.

To get things restarted, I was invited by the UU Fellowship of Athens to spark off Pride Month with a sermon exploring the hxstory of Pride as well as the calling of accomplicehood.  Here is an excerpt of that sermon that was adapted to a blog post for Re/Generation, a young adult cohort for folks exploring vocation and social justice.

Here is the link: Enjoy!

I look forward to our continued intertwining journeys.

¡La Lucha es mi pulpito y mi pulpito es la lucha!

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