a women’s march prayer

I was asked to share a prayer / a moment of grounding and intention at the 2019 Athens Women’s March (the one year anniversary of the National Women’s March).  Here is what Goddess inspired…

We place ourselves in the presence of each other

We are all connected

We are stronger together

We are the hands and voices and bodies of justice in the world

We are responsible for one another and for the earth

We resist like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera and Pauli Murray

We persist like Laverne and Janet and Cece and Miss Major

We write like Maya and Alice and Gloria and Zora

We create like Frida and Audre and Gabriela

May the fiery memories and legacies of our ancestors, transcestors, and queercestors spark us into action today and tomorrow and always.

Today is not just about cis-sters, it is about ALL sisters

Today is not about political parties or what hashtags we use

Today is not about what religious traditions we belong to or don’t belong to

Today is not about townie or bobcat.

Today is about disrupting town and gown.

We are Athens…We are SE Ohio

We are the hills and hollers that surround us and whose spirits live within us.

Today is about all of us

Today is about all who live and love and laugh beyond isms and oppression

Today is about recommitting ourselves to sparking transformations that celebrate and liberate all of us.

We rally today for…

  • Black lives matter
  • Climate change is real
  • Water is life
  • The Wayne must remain wild and free.
  • No human being is illegal.
  • White feminists stop being racist and trans exclusionary, just stop.
  • We all have the right to quality and inclusive healthcare and education.
  • We cannot forget or neglect the T of LGBTQ
  • Food desserts should not be a thing
  • Reproductive healthcare is not a pre-existing condition
  • Gender diversity and gender expression are not mental health diagnoses
  • All genders and sexualities and bodies and abilities are awesome
  • Women have agency over their bodies
  • All of us have agency over our bodies
  • We all have agency over our bodies, our lives, our choices
  • We hear and we believe and we support ALL survivors
  • Allyship is not self-proclaimed but earned through accomplicehood

Our pride, our feminism, our advocacy, our healing, our anger, our joy, our revolution, must be intersectional, if not its all bullshit.

To quote UU minister Erika Hewitt…“Amid the heady flurry of selfies and hashtags and chants, may we remember the commitment that led us here, and what will be required of all of us for the road ahead.  May the crowds’ electric thrum seep into us, knitting itself into courage…into holy boldness and transgressive chutzpah…into fuel for the journey back and for the journey forward.”

We lift this all up in the sacred sass of “si se puede”

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